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Thursday, January 26, 2006

CCIR Meeting Last Night

Last night I went to the monthly meeting of Barbara's Coe's CCIR meeting. I wanted to show my appreciation for the Mayor of Costa Mesa's stand against illegal immigration. Allan Mansoor is a very brave man. I thanked him personally and told that the silent majority of citizens are behind him. He didn't have any prepared remarks and basically spoke from his heart. He told us of his upbringing. His father emigrated from Egypt and his mother from Sweeden(that's a strange combo...I bet he has some interesting stories). They didn't receive any subsidies growing up. Mr. Mansoor then went on to become an OC Sheriff deputy and has been one for the last twelve years. He told us of his frustration trying to get things done in his city of Costa Mesa. He basically got drafted into running three years ago and now he is the Mayor. What a great country we live in! If only Irvine had a mayor like Allan Mansoor. We could only be so lucky.

Jim Gilchrist was also there as were hoards of media following Jim around asking him about his decision to sue the organizers of the Patriot's Day Parade in Laguna Beach. I mean there was tons of media there last night. It was kind of a reunion of sorts for me because I hadn't seen Jim since election night back in December. He sounded great. I don't believe he has made any decisions yet as to what office he may run for, but I do know that he and his team of advisors are going back to Washington DC the second week in February to be there while the Senate is debating the immigration bill. As John & Ken said yesterday on their show, this is going to be a huge battle. Get ready to rumble.


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