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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Two Big Local Stories Today

Scott Moxley of the OC Weekly has nailed Larry Agran again this morning. He has produced physical evidence in the form of a letter with handwriten notes on them that Larry did indeed orchestrate his now notorious Hometown Voter Guide(HVG). That is a felony. There is also proof that Larry put Earl Zucht on the ballot as a straw candidate to pull votes away from conservative and Republican voters. That is another felony. It is now time for DA Anthony Rackauckas to get off his ass and prosecute this slam dunk case.

Today is also the day that Arnold Schwarzenegger comes to town for a big Mike Carona fundraiser. Coincidentily there is an article out today in this mornings Register that says the FBI has subpoened Grand Jury records from Mike Carona's testimony about his former top aid's bribery case. It's about time. The walls are starting to close in on Mr. Carona. His aids and the county GOP establishment have circled the wagons hoping against hope that they can control a situation that is spinning out of their control. It's hilarious and sad watching people in the local party compromise their own integrity and values by continuing to back this man. We now know that power is the only thing that matters to these people. I and lots of other activists will down in Dana Point this afternoon calling for the Sheriff to resign. I will also be there to tell the governor how unhappy conservatives are of his pick for COS Susan Kennedy.


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