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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Thank You Harriett

I want to thank Harriett Miers for doing the country, President Bush and herself a big favor. She has decided to withdrawl her name from contention to the SCOTUS. It was obvious that this pick was not the best choice available. That kool-aid that the Bush apologists were drinking(Hugh Hewitt et al)must taste like like vinegar right about now. That's what they get for putting party above principle. I want to look forward now and not look back. Bush has a chance to finally nominate the best person for the job regardless of gender, race, etc. For his sake I hope he nominates someone that all conservatives can rally around i.e. Luttig, McConnell, Jones, Janice Rogers Brown, etc. Let this be his opportunity to turn over a new leaf and govern as a true conservative. May he start cutting spending, cracking down on illegal immigration, making the tax cuts permanent, and start governing like he said he would when he campaigned. He is not a lame duck yet, but he will be if he doesn't get the show on the road.


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