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Monday, October 24, 2005

Polling For The 48th CD Runoff Race

I just got polled by some Houston based outfit named Promark Research. The gal who called me actually was speaking to me from their Idaho call center in Rexburg. The poor gal sounded dyslexic on the phone and she was having a lot of trouble reading the script. It was obviously a Campbell paid for poll. Memo to Dave Gilliard: make sure the next time you hire a market research company, you make sure the callers are able to read and speak English at a third grade level. John Campbell is paying you top dollar for your expertise and he deserves better value. It's just a little friendly advice. Now on to some of the questions. One of the first ones was:

1. Are you voting for the Republican or Democratic nominee? Answer: I'm voting for the Independent candidate
2. Do you approve or disapprove the way George Bush is doing his job? Answer: I strongly disapprove
3. Who did you vote for President in 2004? Answer: George Bush
4. What is your opinion on these names?
a. John Campbell? answer: somewhat approve
b. Jim Gilchrist? answer: strongly approve
c. Steve Young? answer: strongly disapprove
d. George W. Bush? answer: strongly disapprove
e. Arnold Schwarzenegar? answer: strongly approve
5. What is the most important issue for you? answer border security/illegal immigration
6. Do you know what date the special runoff election is? answer: yes, Dec 6th
7. What news have you heard about John Campbell or Jim Gilchrist lately? answer: blah, blah, blah....next qustion
8. Does it make you more likely to vote for John Campbell if you knew he was a leader in Sacramento on the fight for people to use their property however they want(obviously a reference to the recent Kelo decision)? answer: no difference. Campbell actually benefited from eminent domaining of someone else's property as we now know.
9. Does it make you more likely to vote for John Campbell if you knew he was a leader in Sacramento to reign in trial attorneys? answer: who cares, every good conservative is for that, duh.
10. After hearing these accomplishments of John Campbell, who are you going to vote for on Dec 6th? answer: Jim Gilchrist
11. The last few questions were about how much household $$$ we make(over 100k....who doesn't make over 100k in OC these days? How can they afford the cost of living in OC if they don't?), highest education level completed(college drop out), are you a home owner(yes), etc.


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