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Friday, October 21, 2005

Last Night's Irvine Republican Council Meeting

I want to finally give some props to John Campbell's campaign team. Someone(Chris Palmer) from his staff finally decided to show up at our meeting. It makes sense for them because Irvine is the anchor of the 48th CD. I thanked Chris from the bottom of my heart for finally showing up. I asked him point blank if Campbell would pledge 100% not to vote for Amnesty(McCain Kennedy bill). He said unequivically that John would vote against it. I guess we'll see. I still think Campbell will cave on this. Time will tell.

We also talked about the upcoming special election in November. Irvine has 108 precints and we have volunteer walkers for almost each one. Right now the polls say that all the props are passing, but you can never be satisfied. The union thugs have a lot of money left to spend and they will spend it on negative ads. When the last union dues prop was on the ballot in 1998(prop 226), it was winning like 60-40 a month before the election. Alas it lost by like four points on election day.


  • At 9:37 PM, Blogger Sergeant said…


    Union thugs?

    Some of those thugs support your Proposition 75 - should they be offended by your choice of words?

    I don't support Prop 75 - but don't consider myself a union thug.

    Enjoy your weekend and good luck to your Bruins. I wonder how many of them will be union thugs when they grow up?

  • At 9:08 AM, Blogger Allan Bartlett said…


    When I talk about "union thugs", I speak of the leadership of the unions, not the rank & file. Most of the rank & file don't want their money used for political purposes if given the choice. Unlike most of conservative brethren, I think unions are actually a useful tool for workers to collectively bargain and a few other things, but the leaders of almost all unions always seem to me to be way off the deep end liberal. Just my observation.


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