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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Wall Street Journal Strikes A Blow Against Campbell

I've always liked the Wall Street Journal. I like them even more after Miriam Jordan's story this morning on the race for the 48th CD. She portrayed Campbell as a tool of big business(which he is and will be). He'll get to Washington and will fit right in with the Georgetown cocktail party circuit, but he'll vote to give away the farm on illegal immigration. Does anyone really believe that Campbell will stand up to George Bush & Karl Rove? If you believe that then I got some beachfront property in Arizona to sell you as George Strait would say. It's a good piece of journalism. Compare this to the gutter politics that Campbell is playing and you have yourself a nice contrast of who would represent the people's view in this district the best.


  • At 11:27 AM, Blogger Vote Holt said…

    Delecia Holt is the only female,Republican, African-American candidate that ran for the 48th Congressional District as a write-in candidate. Delecia's website is www.voteholt.com
    It is commendable for someone to try to create change within the political structure. For someone to spend their own monies, time and effort to run for any office against a well funded political machine such as Campbell and to do so as a write-in candidate shows a true commitment to the people of California and the United States of America.
    I hear she is planning to run for Campbell's state senate seat in the event he wins his bid for Congress. Governor Schwarzenegger and Campbell could use the Republican female, minority vote. Especially, since she is also of Spanish decent. Something to think about!


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