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Friday, July 01, 2005

Que Michael Buffer voice ....Let's get Ready To Rumble!

Sandra Day O' Conner Is Retiring. All I can is that it's about time we had some turnover on The SCOTUS. I thought if there would be any retirements so far that it would be Rehnquist. I'm glad that she decided to retire when she did. This gives Bush a chance to put his mark on the SC for years to come. Justice O'Conner will have a mixed legacy IMO. She was great on alot of conservative issues, but horrible on a host of other issues. You might call her the prototypical squishy/RINO justice. I think Bush should nominate Janice Rogers Brown or Pricella Owen for this seat. Bush will probably want to nominate a woman since this was O'Conner's seat.


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