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Monday, June 27, 2005

Supreme Court Nomination Battle In The Digital Age

I was thinking about all the Supreme Court news lately about who will retire and who will be nominated and it dawned on me that the next nomination will be the first one fought in the digital/blogger age. No longer will you have the Nina Totenbergs/MSM controlling the news cycle about the nomination process. I can tell from reading all the various political blogs that we are all ready for battle when the moment is at hand. I think Karl Rove and the White House realized this and they have all their research done on potential nominees and they are just waiting to put their game plan into action. I know this, if the President keeps his word and nominates a true conservative/strict constitutional constructionist, there will be no problems from the base. We will do everything in our power to muscle the nominee through over the democrats objections. If that means the precious little Senate deal on judges comes unraveled, then all the better. Anyway I think this upcoming battle is going to set a precedence for future SCOTUS battles. It will be fun to watch the liberals bitch when Bush announces Michael Luttig or John Roberts as his next nominee.


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