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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Welcome To My Blog

I had alot of new hits yesterday after speaking with Hugh Hewitt yesterday. Hugh inspired me to start my own blog over a year ago. I used to call into his show all the time when he was on KFI. I have listened to him off and on for over ten years now. It's funny because we are neighbors in here Irvine and I see him jogging around the neighborhood every so often. Props to you Hugh for having a great talk show. I usually split my time listening to Hugh part of the time and then switching to John & Ken to see what they're talking about. I guess it just depends what kind of mood that i'm in. If i'm in a mellow kind of mood or there is breaking political news then I would say I listen to Hugh's intelligent political talk as he calls it more often. If I need that dose of adreneline or a good laugh then I'll turn on John & Ken and continue with Phil Hendrie during the evening. I usually end the day falling asleep listening to Coast to Coast with Art Bell/George Noory. Those guys are hilarious with all their supernatural/alien talk.


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