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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Senate Showdown Next Week

Harry Reid and the democrats have "moved all in" to coin a poker term. I hope Bill Frist is right when says that he has the votes to force a vote on the pending appelate judges. I wrote a few weeks ago that the Senate should not get rid of the filibuster. I still believe that for legislation, but judges are just too important. The vote next week is a cliffhanger. McCain, Chafee, and Snow are already on record saying that they will vote with the democrats. That means that we can only afford two more defections to and still win the vote. I'm very nervous. I have no idea how it will come out. Both sides claim they have the necessary votes to win. I think Sen Frist has to use every weapon at his disposal to make sure he gets at least fifty votes. If he does that, then Vice President Cheney can cast the tie breaking vote in favor of confirming the said judges. I know I will glued to the net and the radio next week to see what happens.


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