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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Ann Coulter's UT Appearance

Everywhere Ann Coulter goes, she causes the liberals to lose all their self control. They just can't help themselves I guess. Ann has been on a barnstorming tour of various college campuses during the last year. Yesterday while visiting the University of Texas campus, Ann was shouted down and some loser thought he was being funny by asking Ann (I'm paraphrasing), "do you like to be f***** in the a** or something to that effect. Now that took brains. Wow alot of thought went into that question. Needless to say he escorted out and arrested for disturbing the peace or something. I have some advice for the college libs out there. How about trying to have a civil debate? Ask some enlightened questions, have some back and forth. Don't come out with your "do you like being blanked in the blank". On another note, Ann you need to eat some food. I'm getting a little worried about you. You look all of about 90 lbs. Just a thought. I'm out.


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