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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Buffalo Man Wakes Up After Nine and Half Years

This story came out of nowhere this morning. It is an absolutely amazing story and probably will give pause to all the people who are quick to pull the plug on "brain dead" people. I bet Terry Schiavo is smiling up in heaven today on the Herbert family. It just goes to show that miracles can happen at any time and as long as someone is alive, it's probably a good idea to leave the food plug, ventilater, or other lifesaving devices plugged in. Evidently this Buffalo man, Donald Herbert, had been seriouly brain damaged(like Terry Schiavo) during a work related accident (he was a fireman)about nine and half years ago. I hope this puts to rest the notion that is impossible to "wake up" after such an episode. Just think, if Terri was lift alive also, she might also be speaking to her loved ones right now. I'm so happy for the Herbert family.


I hope no one tells Mr Herbert that one of his current senators from his state is Hillary Rodham. He's apt to slip back in another coma upon hearing this news.


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