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Friday, May 06, 2005

Annual Jim Rome Smackoff Today

I look forward to each smackoff every year. This year was no different. I thought Terrence from Sierra Madre should have won today, but it wasn't meant to be. Terrence came in third. Honorable mention goes to Greg in Las Vegas. His smack about blind,deaf and paralyzed people never ceases to amaze (and get me belly laughing to the point of spitting out my coffee). The winner ended up being Sean the Cablinasian from Houston. His smack does flow very smoothly. It sounds like most of the callers are still reading their calls though. I would have wished Irie Craig and Jeff from Richmond would have made it in, but they were shut out or didn't call. Silk bra from Huntington Beach had the weirdest call of the day pulling a Barry Bonds and saying that he's giving up and this is his last call. I still can't decide if it was real or not. If it was not, it was a pretty brilliant spoof on Barry Bonds. So congrats to Sean from Houston and Terrence is still the Phil Mickelson(pre Masters win) of the jungle.


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