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Monday, October 02, 2006

My Grade of the 109th Congress......."D"

This was an ugly 109th Congress from this conservatives point of view. The only bright spots keeping the grade from an outright failure was the passage of the 700 mile border fence at the last minute, stopping a full scale amnesty, and Bush's appointment of John Roberts & Sam Alito to the Supreme Court. Everything else was pretty much a disaster. The Mark Foley shame was the final insult to cap off a horrible two years(I'll have more to say on Mark Foley). I don't know where to begin with the sellouts. There were so many. The DC GOP has completely abdicated leadership on fiscal issues. I don't wanna hear how bad it would be under Democratic rule. The fact of the matter is that we were in control and we have completely failed on fiscal and monetary issues. It's that simple. Spending has never grown faster. I am really embarrassed. The Wall Street Journal also weighs in on the failed 109th Congress.

Speaking of Mark Foley...this guy should be put away for a long time. His ruse of entering an alcohol rehab clinic is just that...a smokescreen. Are we supposed to feel sorry for this scumbag ex-congressman now? You shouldn't get a get out of jail free pass just because you enter rehab. This is just super cynical crisis management ploy played at the highest level(and not that well if you asked me). This whole story is disgusting me. You got caught red handed Mark(no pun intended). You abused your high office to prey on vulnerable/impressionable underage pages. The irony of Mr. Foley being the leader of the "Missing and Exploited Children's Caucus" is just rich beyond belief. He might just have fatally sabotaged any chance the GOP had of holding the House.

This incident also shows the sheer hypocrisy of the GOP or anyone else moralizing to the electorate. Isn't it funny how some of the biggest bible thumpers are always the ones prone to get caught in the act doing things they are always speaking out against(Cardinal Mahoney covering up for pedophile priests comes to my mind). I just thought I would point that out.

*************************6:50PM UPDATE**************************

Drudge is reporting that tomorrow's edition of the Washington Times is calling for Speaker Hastert's immediate resignation for his role in the Mark Foley cover up errrr I mean incident. I get the feeling that this story is going to have legs and that Speaker Hastert may not be the only political causualty. I wonder what the bettors over at Tradesports think of the GOP's chances at retaining the Congress now? This couldn't have come at a worse time. Well I guess a few days before the election would have been even worse. I hope that every GOP congressman & staffer with knowledge of this story comes forward and tells the truth of what they know and when they knew it.


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