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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A Couple Of Important GOP Primaries On Tap For Today

Today is a great day to send some RINOs packing(no pun intended...you you know elephants...GOP..pachaderms...never mind). The first big primary is the Rhode Island US Senate GOP primary. This race pits RINO par excellence incumbent Lincoln Chafee versus Club For Growth Reagan Republican Steve Laffey. From what I've read on the blogs, this race is going down to the wire tonight. Here's to hoping Lincoln can "spend more time with the family" and is defeated.

The next big race on my radar is a bellwether contest for AZs 8th CD in Southeastern Arizona pitting an open borders guy in Steve Huffman versus a strong enforcement first candidate in Randy Graf. This is the seat that is held currently by Rep Jim Kolbe, but he has decided to retire rather than face a losing fight over his horrible record on illegal immigration(smart move Jim. He saw the writing on the wall). The last poll had Mr. Graf winning by about eight points, but the NRCC has stuck their nose in this open seat primary and backed Huffman. Note to self....no more $$$$ to the NRCC. They still don't get it about illegal immigration. This is a marginal district registration wise. It is a great opportunity to see how a strong enforcement first candidate can do in what's sure to be a bad cycle for Republicans. If Randy Graf can pull this win out in November, it will be huge.

***********************8:25:PM UPDATE***************************

Graf is winning in Pima county which is historically his weakest area. Pima is basically the city of Tucson. He will kick Huffman's ass in Cochise & Santa Cruz counties when those votes roll in. This race is over. Now on to November. Take your open borders and shove em' Jim Kolbe & the NRCC.

Along with the great news that Randy Graf will be representing the GOP mantle in November comes the news tonight that Lincoln Chafee has beaten back a tough challenge from Steve Laffey by about eight points. I was really hoping Laffey would make a better showing than he did tonight. The voters in liberal R.I have spoken. They like their Republicans Democratic lite.

**********************10:10PM UPDATE*******************

Randy Graf is ahead of Steve Huffman by almost 5% (Graf has 19,098 votes and Huffman has 17,046 votes) with only 25% left to count in Pima County and all of the vote is counted in Cochise County. Your winner is Randy Graf!


  • At 10:10 PM, Anonymous Lee Lemke said…

    Rhode Island is one of the BLUEIST states. The NRC can't stand Chafee. However, there is so little chance of Laffey winning the seat in the general election that the NRC is not supporting him. The only chance to keep the seat is to reelect Chafee. While I can't stand Chafee. Getting his vote 5-10% of the time is better than 0% which is what we will get with a Democrat in the seat. At least he votes for a Republican Senate leader. Cutting off your nose because you don't like your face is not a winning policy.

  • At 9:54 AM, Anonymous The Message said…

    Yes, I too am glad Randy Graf won the primary. The guy is such a whack job that we might as well start calling the Democrat Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. Congrats to Randy Graf for helping the Dems take back Congress. We owe you a beer sometime.


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