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Friday, October 23, 2009

West Coast Movie Premiere of "For Liberty"

Tomorrow mid morning down at the Lido Theater in Newport Beach, the Orange County chapter of Campaign For Liberty is hosting the West Coast premiere of the movie "For Liberty, How the Ron Paul Revolution Watered the Withered Tree of Liberty".  We have a great lineup of local elected officials and candidates that are also going to be down there.  A few of the confirmed guests include:

Allan Mansoor...Costa Mesa City Councilman and candidate for the 68th AD,  Bill Hunt....candidate for Orange County Sheriff,  Chris Norby....OC Supervisor and candidate for the 72nd AD,  Don Wagner....South Orange County Community College Trustee and candidate for the 70th AD and potentially a few more as well that are not confirmed as of yet.  here are the details:

WHEN: Saturday morning, October 24 ---10am


Regency’s Historic Lido Theatre

3459 Via Lido

Newport Beach, 92663

(949) 613-8351

You can purchase tickets at the box office starting today for $10 each, or you can go to this link – http://forlibertymovie.eventsbot.com for more details and to purchase tickets in advance.



As the 2007-08 presidential campaign cycle offered up the usual slate of Washington insiders, Ron Paul, an obscure Congressman from Texas brought an alternative voice that challenged the political establishment. Advocating a philosophy of sound money, a non-interventionist foreign policy, strict Constitutionalism, and individual liberty, Dr. Paul inspired a unique grassroots movement unmatched in American history – the repercussions of which continue to reverberate today and into the future of the American psyche.

For Liberty: How the Ron Paul Revolution Watered the Withered Tree of Liberty follows this historic campaign from the perspective of grassroots activists, and showcases the unique, often bizarre, yet groundbreaking projects they undertook as they brushed aside traditional campaign methodology. For Liberty features an all star cast of grassroots leaders, organizers, activists, authors, talk show hosts, musicians, media experts, historians, artists, and more.


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