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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Western CPAC Drama & Other Thoughts

I headed over to the Western CPAC (BTW, you can follow all the tweets coming out of Western CPAC by typing in #wcpac on Twitter) new media/social media panel this afternoon.  Apparently I missed all the drama earlier in the day.  Former KFI talk show host John Ziegler was conducting an interview with American Conservative Union President David Keene.  At some point in the interview, Mr Keene didn't like Zig's line of questions and ended the interview.  Zig was asking some questions about Keene's lobbying activity, his recently uncovered pay to play, his unholy alliance with Arlen Specter, and why Mr Keene has been hating on Sarah Palin and calling her anti-intellectual.  I find it disturbing that someone who leads a group named the American Conservative Union would be friendly with a turncoat like Arlen Specter, but that's just me I guess.  I'm neutral on Sarah Palin.  I'm not a big fan nor am I a big detractor.  Zig wanted to continue the interview and got up and started following Keene around the hotel in a similiar fashion that those reporters were chasing after  Mike Duvall in the halls of the state capital.  It was quite a scene I was told.

After this event happened, Ziegler got up at the end of the luncheon and grabbed the microphone and starting going off on some other stuff.  At this point either hotel security or the Newport Beach Police were told to escort him off the hotel property and he didn't appear on the 2:30pm panel he was supposed to be on.  Here's video that Gateway Pundit did interviewing Zig about what happened. 

There was also a little chippy-ness on the new media panel at 4pm.  One of the show's sponsors, Floyd Brown has called for Obama's impeachment.  Ed Morrissey of the blog Hot Air disagreed with him and wrote up a blog blasting the idea of impeaching Obama.  So then another blog panelist who was sitting next to Ed BTW, called him out for being rude by criticizing one of the hosts of the convention!  I guess dissent is not allowed at these types of events....who knew!  I'm not for impeaching Obama just for the record.  I don't think Ed was out of line criticizing the idea of impeaching Obama.  So while 99.9% of the people here do not like Obama, leave it to a convention like this to have many differing thoughts on how to move forward. 


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