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Thursday, October 15, 2009

AD70 Election Watch: Re:OC Taxpayers Assc. Tax OC Amante Endorsement

I saw that Matt posted earlier a press release from Team Amante that he has been endorsed by the OC Taxpayers Association.  What a joke.  This is the same organization that sold out their group's namesake and endorsed the recent massive tax hiking Proposition 1A.  Whatever credibility they had being on the taxpayers side was pissed away with this endorsement...and now they are endorsing Jerry Amante, LOL! 

Memo to team Amante: You may gain some money off of this endorsement, but it is really worth it to associate your name with a group that sold out on such a hugely important Proposition?  I mean three fourths of OC voters and two thirds of state voters rejected this huge tax increase just a few short months ago.  Do you think you can really lay claim to being "the conservative choice" when you get into bed with this turncoat tax hiking group?  You already are way behind the eight ball when it comes to grassroots support.  The whisper campaign amongst the true conservative activists is only going to get much louder now after this. 


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