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Thursday, September 24, 2009

AD 72 Special Election Watch: Infamous Video Of The Ackerman's "Secret Gated Community" & Other Thoughts

Once again the Powder Blue Report must be activated for content to hot to handle over at Red County. Gotta love the drama in the local blogosphere. I put up a post late last night on Red County that drew attention to a video that Jon Fleischman of Flashreport had made back around Christmas 2007. It was the talk of the local blogosphere the day before. In the video which BTW is quite funny, Jon is whispering into the camera and driving to the Ackerman's "secret gated community" deep in the heart of Irvine. Well, I woke up this morning and the video and my post on Red County had already been deleted. Evidently, Jon had taken down the video from his You Tube and Art Pedroza of Orange Juice had saved it onto his You Tube site. He ordered Art to remove the video from his site. Jon expressed to me this morning that he didn't want a video that he had done in good jest two years ago to be used against Linda Ackerman and felt bad it about the video now. It is his property and his right to do this. However the issue of the Ackerman's living in a "secret gated Irvine community" in the 70th AD is public knowledge. It's obvious that they would prefer the voters in the 72nd AD where she is running for Assembly to not know this fact. Fair is fair. If the Ackerman's are going to hammer Chris Norby for non proven allegations of sexual harassment, it's certainly fair to draw attention the Ackermans living in a "secret gated Irvine community".


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