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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Mike Carona....The Gift That Keeps On Giving

More Mike Carona transcripts were released yesterday. The ex-sheriff has a way with the English language. His lawyers filed a motion to suppress this evidence, asserting that the ex-sheriff's comments
"are irrelevant … and are likely to offend and anger the jury, resulting in unfair prejudice to Carona". Admission of the racially offensive language as evidence, Rawitz wrote, "will serve only to inflame the jurors' passions, distract them from the charges at issue, and provoke an instinct to punish."
The comments in question are Mr Carona dropping some racially insensitive N bombs and bragging about all his sexual conquests while he was Sheriff. You can't make this stuff up. The only thing unfair about this case Mike, is if you cop a plea. We need the lively entertainment that a circus like Carona Trial will give everyone. We are entitled to it after watching you make a mockery of the Sheriff Department and the OC Republican Party's endorsement of you.


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