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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Flag Day Dinner Roundup

Last night was the OC GOP's annual Flag Day Dinner. Lynn and I had a great time. These were my observations about the evening. I may be wrong, but I sensed that the room was not completely full like past years. The speakers didn't set the room on fire with any rhetorical flourishes either. In fact at one point in Florida Gov. Charlie Crist's speech, he made the mistake of mentioning our Governor's name Arnold Schwarzenneger. This was probably the funniest moment of the night. It took a second to sink in, but once people realized that he dropped Arnold's name on us, the catcalls and boos started, LOL. Memo to Mr Crist...know your audience better. You can't just ride in here from Florida, drop Arnold's name on Orange County Republicans and expect it to go unnoticed or worse yet expect us to clap. The guy has turned into a stark raving Democrat. Maybe the Dems can have Arnold for their Flag Day event. He'd fit in a lot better. The other thing about Mr Crist that was the buzz in the room was the dude's fake tan. OMG! I mean come on. He reminded me of guys like actor George Hamilton and local ABC Weatherman Dallas Raines's fake bake. I guess what I'm trying to say is that he's not going to get invited to do some skin cancer public sevice messages anytime soon.

A few other misc. items from the night. I got to meet OC's new Sheriff Sandra Hutchens. I congratulated her for her appointment and wished her well in the new job. Speaking of the new Sheriff, I was chatting with Steven Greenhut before dinner about all the drama of the past weeks Sheriff's news when Supervisor John Moorlach rolled up to us. I guess it was the first time that John and Steven had seen each other eye to eye after all the weeks rhetorical fireworks about who should be appointed as Sheriff. There was the biggest grin on both of their respective faces. It was a funny moment. Both of them are idealogical allies 80 to 90% of the time, but this issue was part of the other 10% where they disagreed and it made for great fodder on the local blogosphere. There were no Mike Carona sightings either, LOL.


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