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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

New OC Sheriff Speaks To GOP Central Committee

The ink is barely dry from the Supervisors appointing Sandra Hutchens as the new Sheriff in OC, but the new Sheriff is wasting no time in making the rounds to the OC Republican establishment. She was at Friday's Flag Day extravaganza with Jim Righeimer helping her work the tables just as diligently as a newlywed couple makes the rounds at their wedding thanking all their guests. Last night she spoke at the OC GOP Central Committee. She was introduced by outgoing interim Sheriff Jack Anderson. She admitted that she was a new face in OC political circles even though she's lived in Dana Point for a long time. She gave a rundown of her bio and resume...quite impressive I might add. I was astounded by the story she told of how she came to apply for the job. She discussed the job opening with her husband and ended up applying online with the executive search firm for the Sheriff's position. That's right...you read that correctly, she applied online for the OC Sheriff's position! Is this a great country or what. I have to admit though that while I'm impressed with her professional credentials, she is going to have to earn the trust of people through her actions of being the new Sheriff. She has her work cut out for her and I wish her all the best & success.


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