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Monday, June 09, 2008

OC Register Ron Paul Article

I spoke with Dena Bunis of the Orange County Register a few days ago about the Ron Paul campaign here in Orange County. Dena is the Washington DC correspondent for the Register. I was pretty happy with the way the article turned out except for the last line about us "scared about going to Central Committee meetings". I just want to be clear that I wasn't scared at all of the meetings, but some in the county GOP party were scared of all the activists showing up at first, but after they realized we weren't there bringing torches, pitchforks and marching on the meetings, we were treated very respectfully. A few other activists were quoted in the article along with me. Here's a link of the piece. I think a lot of newspapers are starting to write more about Ron Paul because of all the hits they generate for their online sites. Smart decision :) In fact I found this article by googling Ron Paul in the news category of Google.

******************6/9/08 Update************************

The article is in the print edition this morning of the OC Register.


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