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Thursday, May 08, 2008

It's Not Looking Good For The Little (former)Sheriff

The last few weeks have not been kind for Team Carona's legal team. Last Friday the judge in the case ruled against defense motions to suppress secretly taped conversations of Carona & Don Haidl talking about ways to obstruct justice. These are the famous John & Ken tapes that the disc jockeys have been role playing for the last month on the KFI airwaves. It's hilarious stuff. He also ruled against dismissing other charges against the former Sheriff. There's another big ruling coming up as well on the question of moving the trial out of OC. I have a hunch it will stay right here where it belongs. The way this is playing out, I just get the feeling that Carona will have no choice but to cop a plea and start serving time like he deserves.

******************* 5/8/08 Afternoon Update **************************

The judge in the Carona case Andrew Guilford has unsealed a defense motion that among other things seeks to change venues and have KFI hosts John & Ken prosecuted and jailed until the trial starts. I'm not making this up. Apparently the Carona attorneys didn't study Constitutional Law when they went to law school. J&K's speech is protected by the First Amendment. This is going to be a ratings bonanza for the guys at KFI. They can only hope this thing goes to trial...that just means more material for them. Here's a link to the ridiculous motion.


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