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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Larry Agran Loves Choo Choo's

Today the liberal majority on the Irvine City Council will vote to waste over $280 million dollars on a light rail boondogle for the Great Pork. The vote is not in doubt. Larry wants choo choo trains, so Suhkee and Beth will not stand in his way. It doesn't matter that hardly anyone will ride it. I mean, it's not like there's any traffic Larry on the surface streets during rush hour is there? That 280 million probably wouldn't help people commuting by cars to their jobs & appointments would it? Let's build a big expensive train set while rank & file Irvine residents cool their heels on our surface streets. Steven Greenhut says they might as well have a bonfire and throw dollar bills in it. Excellent point. I'll bring the marshmellows and hot dogs and we can all sing kumbaya that we built a big glorified Lionel set

***************7/11/07 Morning UPDATE**********************

The choo choos were unanimously approved last night. I'm very disappointed in Christina Shea & Dr. Choi.


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