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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bush Approval Rating Hits A Fresh Low

Down and down he goes, where it will stop nobody knows. Today the USA Today/Gallop Poll has Bush at his lowest rating ever...29%. Ouch. I'll see ya at the bill signing. Among some of the key findings:

Bush's support is eroding among Republicans: 68% approve of him, down from an average 92% in his first term, 82% in his second. Nearly 4 in 10 Republicans say the immigration debate, which ended in defeat for Bush's overhaul proposal, caused them to lose confidence in him

Well I'll be damned, four in ten Republicans lost confidence because of Bush's amnesty stance. I didn't see or predict that would happen.

Sixty-two percent say the United States made a mistake in sending troops to Iraq, the first time that number has topped 60%. Six in 10 say the economy is worse than it was five years ago, and the same number predict that economic conditions are getting worse

This reminds me of great line from the movie Animal House when Dean Wormer is telling the Delta boys how bad their grades are. Delta President Robert Hoover then deadpanned...
"Well sir, we're hoping that our midterm grades will really help out our averages"
It ain't gonna happen. Bush is the lamest duck of any President I can ever remember.


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