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Friday, July 06, 2007

Irvine Ron Paul Meetup

I just signed on to start helping Ron Paul organize in Irvine through the great site at Meetup. We already have over 100 members at this point. As California campaign guru Phil Paule noted in a comment below on my last Ron Paul post...
I think that many of the mainstream candidates have underestimated the Paul campaign. I believe that it may be possible for him to pull an upset in New Hampshire and come in second, then the MSM would be forced to pay attention
Damn straight they are underestimating him. I hope they keep up their smugness, especially the Guiliani & McCain campaigns. I'm encouraging all readers of my blog to get involved now. Let's make a difference in this upcoming 2008 Presidential campaign. The Republican party & the nation for that matter are at a critical junction in history. If Ron Paul gets elected as President, you can take it to the bank that it will never be business as usual for government like it has been for the past decades.

In Meetup, they ask you what your elevator pitch would be to persuade others to vote for Ron. Here is mine:
If you want four more years of war, inflation, and the systematic destruction of the Bill of Rights, you can vote for Rudy McRomney or Hillary Clobama. If you want peace, commerce, honest friendship with all nations, our borders secured, and government according to our Constitution, you can vote for Ron Paul


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