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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

More Thoughts On The Raids Yesterday

This is the story that keeps on giving. It reminds me of the movie Born in East LA when Rudy(Cheech Marin) is handing out fake IDs to illegals waiting to cross the border saying to them..."congratulations, you are now Fernando Valenzuela. You won 20 games with the Dodgers last year!" It's a damn funny movie about art imitating real life. What's not very funny are all the people that have been victimized by these illegal's complete lack of respect for our laws. It boggled my mind reading some quotes from some of the illegal alien sympathizers...

"ICE's tactics were so heavy handed"..."the kids won't have their dads at Christmas"

I guess they shouldn't have broken the laws then.

Let me get this straight. There haven't been hardly any workplace enforcement actions in the country by ICE over the past few years, but when there actually is one, it is heavy-handed. Got it.


  • At 10:00 PM, Blogger Dan Chmielewski said…

    How about going after the employers here and holding them to better standards of verifying residency?

    We need to reform immigration and make it easier for people to come here legally, work and pay into the system.

    But Allan, I am not going to fault a Mexican who crosses illegally to try to make more moeny and build a better life for his or her family. That is human nature.

    p.s. missed you at the swearing in ceremony at Irvine City Hall.

  • At 6:20 AM, Blogger Allan Bartlett said…

    Dan, apparently this company was fined by the Feds a few years ago for overdoing it on the background checks. They're damned if they do and damned if they don't. I'm one of those that wants employers vigorously prosecuted if they're guilty of knowingly hiring illegals.

    So I guess you don't fault bank robbers either Dan? After all it's human nature to want to have some money right? Last time I checked, we didn't have 100% full employment in this country. When that day happens, then I might say we need some guest workers.

    I totally forgot about the meeting. I would have gone, but I just forgot about it.

  • At 2:05 PM, Blogger Dan Chmielewski said…

    Apples to Orange comparison if I ever heard one.

  • At 7:04 PM, Anonymous Lee Lemke said…

    There you go again Dan excusing illegal behavior. The analogy is a good one because both acts are illegal. Bear in mine that a lot of the money that illegals make goes back to Mexico instead of being recycled back into the U.S. economy. In fact money from illegals is the 2nd largest source of income for Mexico. This hurts our balance of payments.

  • At 8:14 AM, Anonymous Heywood Jablome said…

    Guess what? All those arrested and deported will be back in the states before the IcE agents go home at the end of the shift.

    As Dan mentioned. What was the penalty to the employer. I'd like to see Allan's proof of his assertion the employer was fined.

    Lee. Are Mexicans the only group sending money out of the country? What about others? How come you're not worried about others sending money to relatives and our balance of payments to those nations?

  • At 5:20 PM, Blogger Dan Chmielewski said…

    Yes, both acts are illegal, but in the bak robbing analogy, one is stealing money. The illegal immigrant still has to get hired by someone, agree to work for the wage he gets and they work for it. The realy crime is being committed by the employer. But then again, you might view prostitution as a victimless crime too.

    I might be wrong on this, but don't most immigrants send money home to families? Isn't this true with the Chinese and the Vietnamese. I have a Lebanese realtor in my neighborhood who sends lots of dollars back to Lebanon. Is this a crime somehow?

  • At 12:22 AM, Anonymous Lee Lemke said…

    Heywood and Dan

    Are you guys really that dimwitted or are you putting me on? Obviously, since illegals sending money back to Mexico is Mexico's 2nd largest source of income the SIZE of the problem is much larger with Mexicans than others.

    There have been many articles in the liberal newspapers saying that Swift was fined $200,000 4 years ago for inquiring to deeply into Hispanics backgrounds trying to figure out if they are here legally. I must have read at least 6 articles in the L.A. Times including in Sunday 12/17 edition. Don't you liberals even read your biased newspapers?

  • At 12:34 PM, Anonymous Heywood Jablome said…

    Lee. None of the above. But you are very concerned about illegals sending money out of the country. Should that no longer be allowed? Should all individuals in possession of greenbacks not be allowed to send them out of the country? Or just those with brown skin?

  • At 12:12 AM, Anonymous Lee Lemke said…

    Again Heywood - the SIZE of the problem. Reread what I wrote above instead of trying to be ridiculous. Of course all greenbacks should not be prohibited from being sent outside the country. However, keep in mind that SO MANY being sent out hurts our country. I suppose you apologists for illegals don't care about all the identity theft that these illegals commit either. Many Americans lives have been ruined by illegals stealing there identities. What do you say to all the people that have waited in line for many years to come here legally and have had to get sponsors to be financially responsible for them so they would not be a burden to taxpayers? Instead you make excuses for illegals jumping the line and burdening taxpayers with taking care of them and there anchor babies.

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  • At 8:37 PM, Anonymous Heywood Jablome said…

    Hey Lee.

    Ask all of those questions to the folks standing at the border holding up HUGE signs that say "Help Wanted."

    You never address that part of the issue.

    The majority of illegals are here not because they jumped to the front of the line in front of others, but because they were invited.

    A blind man could see that in a dark room.

  • At 12:24 AM, Anonymous Lee Lemke said…


    INVITED? Only in the convoluted reasoning of you liberals in the Flat Earth Society could you consider illegals as being invited. Your excuses never end. They invited themselves and ignored the law! They are driving down wages for American workers especially blacks and poor whites. If you ever study enough to finally graduate from high school maybe you will comprehend this. Any employers who offer jobs to illegals are also breaking the law.


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