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Monday, October 30, 2006

Two More Great Pieces Of Mail For Team Irvine Today

Today I received two great mailers for Team Irvine. The first one was from the Duong and Mavity campaign It was the four page variety that hit Beth Krom and Sukhee Kang hard on no bid contracts, increased traffic congestion in Irvine, increased taxes, and soft on illegal immigration(the Cronies voted against cross training Irvine officers to assist enforcing immigration laws). The last page was a big picture of and an endorsement of John Duong, Bill Mavity, and Christina Shea by the OC GOP Party.

The second piece was another Prop 90 slate mailer, but styled a little differently than the last few. The theme was the same. Team Crony is against Prop 90 and Team Irvine is for it.

We also received a Prop 85 mailer from the CRP strongly urging the base to vote for parental notification of a minor's abortion. This is an eminently reasonable measure and I hope it finally passes next week.


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