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Friday, March 10, 2006

I'm Declaring War In The 35th Senate District

Tom Harman is the first person to go negative in the race for the 35th SD and I am declaring all out war on him. I got home early from the office today, I opened my mailbox, and there it is....Tom Harman blasting Diane Harkey for buying her Cal Border Police Co-Sponsorship and claiming that he is great on illegal immigration. This is the same Tom Harman that voted give illegals tuition benefits. The mailer is flat out BS and I'm calling on all good Republicans to make sure that you tell all your friends to vote for Diane Harkey. Maybe someone can post the link over at OC Blog of the mailer. There is a precinct walk this weekend for Diane here in Irvine and around the district and I urge all activists to engage now or get left with six years of bad representation in Sacramento in the Senate.


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