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Monday, January 03, 2005

New Year Socal Sports Outlook

I'm looking forward to a very mediocre 2005 from all my favorite socal sports teams. I've lost a lot of faith in the Lakers lately. I knew going into this season that there would be challenges, but damn! Kobe is singlehandedly ruining this proud franchise. He has been doing most of the damage off the court which is the most frustrating thing. The whole incident with Karl Malone and Kobe's wife was embarassing. The team has enough challenges on the court to deal with right now. They really miss the "big fella" in the middle. Shaq seems to be giving Miami a huge lift down in Miami. The Dodgers are in the middle of their swap meet. Just today they traded away local hero Shawn Green to the Arizona Diamondbacks. Great. They've already lost Adrian Beltre too to Seattle. They didn't resign playoff hero Jose "believe it" Lima. They also added insult to injury and fired longtime play by play man, the great Ross Porter who I grew up to listening and watching. I'm waiting for the last shoe to drop, the firing of Vin Sculley. If they get rid of Vin, what reason is there to even patronize such a team? Good job Frank McCourt. You knew letting a guy from Boston buy the Dodgers wouldn't work out well and it hasn't. Onto the Rams, yes that's the St. Louis Rams. I still bleed yellow and blue for this team even though they haven't been here now for ten years. They managed to back into the playoffs quite nicely. Their season is going to come to an end this weekend in Seattle I'm afraid. Someone tell Mike Martz that he's not the "smart guy" that everyone thought he was. Next we have the one team playing well, the USC Trojans. I give them a lot of credit even though I absolutely hate the team and always will. I'm a UCLA fan period. I expect the Trojans to beat the Sooners tomorrow night in Miami and win the National Championship. Did I leave any team out? Oh yeah that's right the Clippers. Enough said. They will always be the Lakers JV team.


  • At 11:35 AM, Blogger east said…

    Happy New Year 2005!

  • At 9:26 AM, Blogger I am Nada Republican said…

    How about C-Webb heading to Philly to team up with Iverson? The east is trying to make a run...

    My prediction for NBA Finals: Spurs/Heat


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