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Sunday, January 02, 2005

David Dreier Update

As most of you know who have followed my blog and the John & Ken Show, Con. David Dreier has all of the sudden "gotten religion" on the issue of illegal immigration. In a letter to constituents a few days ago, he stresses how important the intelligence reform bill was and how he is so looking forward to making sure illegal immigration is addressed in the next congress. Well it turns out that Dave's good buddy, the Governator, is going to be calling a special session of the Ca. legislature to deal with fairer redistricting. This has raised a huge red flag in Dave's mind because with him winning with only 53% of the vote this last go around, there is no more margin of error for him if his current district gets carved up to include more democrats. He most likely will be toast. So Dave put in a call to his good friend Arnold to express his displeasure with this idea. I have to give Arnold credit for this move. By calling a special session, he is putting pressure on the democratic legislature to either go along with his redistricting plan or face an inititive to give the power of redrawing the district lines to a retired three judge non partisan panel(non partisan judge is an oxymoron, there is no such thing). I guess siding with illegal immigrants was not such a great move Congressman.


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