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Friday, December 24, 2004

Inland California Is Turning Red

I have to hand it to the LA Times. They finally wrote a good story in their fishwrap errr paper today. I canceled my subscription to them a few years ago. I just couldn't take it anymore. Their cheapshot at Arnold a couple days before the recall election was the last straw for me. I am now a proud OC Register subscriber. Anyway, one of the Times reporters wrote a story in their paper today how inland California is turning very red, as in conservative Bush state red. This is one trend that has to scare the California Democratic Party establishment. Here is the link for the article(free registration required). The coastal areas of California are very blue except for a few places, The OC being one of them. There really isn't that much space left to build in the blue areas. Most of the new subdivions in California are out in places like Murrieta, Temecula, Tracy, Fresno, Redding, Corona, Lancaster, etc. I love those areas that I just mentioned. I have considered moving out there myself one day, but right now my wife has a firm veto on that idea. One very appealing thing about those inland areas of course is that you can still buy a decent house and some land and not have to pay a fortune, although I hear anecdotes that even land out in the 909 is getting snapped up at a rapid pace, thereby driving prices higher.


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