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Sunday, October 03, 2004

My Weekend Experience In Nocal

This was the first time for me going to the wine country up in Napa since I was about ten years old. I need go back there more often. It is beautiful. My cousin's wedding at Friendship Trail in Calistoga was a great event. The setting was breath taking. Friendship trail overlooks the valley below and is itself near the top of the mountain. Highway 29 up to Calistoga is great scenic drive. You get to pass by some of the most recognizable names in vineyards. Robert Mondavi, Sutter Homes, Gallo, and many others are all just off the road and look very inviting. The city of Calistoga is "a very cute little town" quoting my wife's words. It reminded me alot of the town Julian in the San Diego mountains.

As I got home, I checked on the Bush futures contract and Tradesports has it down to about the 61% area. This is down five points from the pre-debate number. I also checked Real Clear Politics and there were a couple of new polls out showing the race tightening. Bush needs to stop this Kerry momentum right now. You don't want to let this guy back in the race. I'm looking forward to the Veep debate this week. Oh yeah, how bout' those Dodgers and Angels Nocal. We punked you and the Rams are killing the 49ers at halftime 24-0.


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