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Thursday, September 30, 2004

I'll Give You My First Impressions But........

First lets look and see how the betting public viewed this debate. Ahhh looky here, Tradesports started the debate with the Bush re-elect contract at 66%, after the debate, it is now trading at 67%. So score that a victory for President Bush. As far as my opinion of the debate, I think that Kerry, just like Gore in the first debate of 2000, probably won the debate on points, but Bush won on style with his plainspoken way. Kerry was more articulate, but Bush spoke to the American people like a neighbors speak to each other. I know why more people want to have a beer with President Bush.

*******8:05pm PST Update*************
Oh how the markets can change. The Bush contract is actually below the 65% level pre debate. This market reminds me of when the fed announces their decision on intrest rates, it goes crazy before it finds a trend, but on second glance, their are more sellors than buyers for the Bush contract. I gotta call em as I see em.


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