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Monday, September 27, 2004

Importance Of Election For Federal Judgeships

This upcoming election is crucial for the federal judiciary. The winner will get to appoint two or three Supreme Court judges and scores of appealate and district judges. Has anyone else besides me noticed that we conservatives have no margin for error when it comes to judicial appointments while liberals have had the benefit of Republican appointees turning "liberal" or as they call it, "growing" over time. Let me explain. Two perfect examples are Supremes John Paul Stevens and David Souter, both of whom were appointed by Republican presidents. They have both morphed into solid liberal votes for the most important issues near and dear to conservatives. One might also argue that Anthony Kennedy has been slipping into the liberal voting bloc also. Now lets look at Ruth Badar Ginsburg and Stephan Breyer, both are Clinton nominees and both have been consistently liberal from the start of their service on the bench. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I've never heard or seen of a Democrat appointed judge turning into a conservative on the bench. It just doesn't happen whereas many Republican judges have turned into a reliable liberal vote during the last forty years. We have no margin for error if Bush wins re-election. He must nominate solid conservatives for all slots. We don't need any more Souters or Stevens.


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