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Sunday, September 05, 2004

John & Ken Political Human Sacrifice Announcement

John & Ken of Los Angeles KFI AM 640 radio are going to announce their pick on Tuesday afternoon for their "political human sacrifice". The odds on favorite is Rep. David Dreier of San Dimas. They have already chosen Joe Baca from the 909 area. The big announcement though is going to be David Dreier. Congressman Dreier has ducked repeated interview attempts for him to clarify his position or lack thereof on illegal immigration. I think he made a big mistake. If he doesn't have the courage to explain his illegal immigration friendly votes, then he doesn't deserve re-election in my opinion. John & Ken have used their clout already to defeat Judge Kline, the child porn dude, here in Orange County and they were also instrumental in the recall of former governor Gray Davis. I love their idea of sending a message to other politicians that voting in favor of illegal immigration will have dire consequences. Dreier really hasn't even had a tough election since getting elected way back in 1980.


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