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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Last Night at the RNC Convention

Last night was Arnold's night to shine and he did not disappoint. He was the first keynote speaker of the night. He spoke of his story growing up in Austria. He told of driving in his uncle's car past the Russian checkpoint and how worried they always were that the Russian soldiers would take his dad away and send him to a hard labor camp. He also said growing up that he was taught to not look the soldiers in the eye because that might be grounds for suspicion. Then he shifted to his story of dreaming about coming to the U.S.A. He arrived here in 1968 barely speaking any English. He was watching Hubert Humphrey and Richard Nixon speak and he liked Nixon because Nixon talked about free enterprise and Humphrey sounded like the politicians from his socialist Austria. He has overcome so many obstacles to get to where he is today. He then went into his Jeff Foxworthy type lecture on "you might be a Republican if you believe in free enterprise,etc". It was pretty good. He came out solidly for George W Bush also. He called on people that are pessimistic about the economy to not be "economic girlie men". That was the line of the night. The big question that still remains is if he will be able to translate his popularity in California over to Bush. My hunch is that he will definitely get him some votes, but that Bush will come up short in November in California.


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