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Sunday, September 05, 2004

Bubba Tells Kerry to Drop Vietnam

Hopefully Bill Clinton will be around for awhile. I hated his policies and how he debased the Presidency, but I have to admit, time heals wounds and I kinda like the guy now. Drudge is reporting tonight that Bubba has told John Kerry to get off Vietnam and hammer away at domestic issues(Bill Clinton spoke with John Kerry from his hospital bed on Saturday night in a 90-minute conversation in which he offered Kerry detailed advice on how to reinvigorate his candidacy... Clinton told Kerry that he should move away from talking about Vietnam... Clinton aides who are expected to play an increasingly prominent role in Kerry campaign are James Carville, Paul Begala and Stanley Greenberg... Developing... ). I hope this is not the last bit of advice that Bubba gives in his life. The media is reporting that bypass surgeries are pretty routine. Well I don't know about that. I think having a quad bypass is not exactly routine. Drudge is also reporting that the hospital where Bubba is to have his procedure tomorrow has one of the highest death rates for that surgery. Again that is not very reassuring.


  • At 9:07 PM, Blogger Barney said…

    Here' an interesting tidbit: Drudge claims Carville and Begala will play prominent roles in the campaign. (Now, they groomed Zell, right? Does that mean they'll have Kerry challenge Georgie to a duel? Can you imagine? Kerry will be saying, in French, I surrender, while Georgie is asking Rumsfeld, Which one's the trigger again?)So, what does that mean for CNN? Will Carville and Begala still be hosts on Crossfire? (I was asking McClellan that. He didn't seem to know. I bet Rushie goes nuts about this on his show. Maybe he can get some insight from Daryn Kagan. They're dating, ya know).

  • At 9:25 PM, Blogger Allan Bartlett said…

    I did hear that they are dating. It's kinda like sleeping with the enemy I guess. Who knows, maybe they actually do like each other.


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