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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

News Flash **Larry Agran Is A Corrupt Mayor***

What is happening to my beloved city of Irvine is an absolute disgrace. I was raised here and currently live in the beautiful city. R. Scott Moxley has dropped another bomb on everyone by reporting that Mr Agran and his cronies have set up landscaping companies/tree companies to profit from all the new landscaping that is to be done on the Great Park. The scope of his corruption is immense. The council needs to take strong action to get the facts out ASAP. At the very minimum now all city contracts should be reviewed with a fine tooth comb. There's no telling what else the mayor has his tangled web in. The mayor has more than crossed the line in my opinion. I think it is criminal if all these serious allegations are true. He is enriching himself and his friends on the backs of the Irvine taxpayers. This is outrageous. Here's the link for the new OC Weekly article. It was also reported that Chuck Devore,the Republican nominee for the 70th Assembly district which includes Irvine, has filed a complaint with the Fair Political Pratices Commission. Mr. Agran must be stopped at all costs now.


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