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Friday, July 16, 2004

McCain New Vice-President????

After Sen. John McCain introduced VP Dick Cheney at a rally in Michigan, the washington press corp have officially gone into meltdown mode. First off, politics is a contact sport. Lots of past Presidents have switched VPs midstream for various reasons. The last one I can remember is Nixon chosing Michigan house and minority leader Gerald Ford to be his Veep when Spiro Agnew resigned because of IRS problems. I'm not saying that Bush is going to replace Cheney with McCain, but I wouldn't be shocked if it actually happened. I'm sure they have lots of polling data to back up any decision they make. Bush is a very loyal man, but if he thinks he needs a change of scenery at the Veep spot then i'm sure He wouldn't hesitate to pull the trigger. In fact Karl Rove is out here in Irvine,CA today for a big GOP meeting and i'm sure it is being secretly discussed right now.


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