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Monday, July 12, 2004

Australian Surfer bitten in half by Two Great White Sharks

As I started surfing(the net) this morning, this story stuck out like a sore thumb for me. I always said to myself that one of the ways I don't want to die is to get eaten by a shark. Well some surfer named Brad Smith of Southern Australia was ambushed by two great white sharks over the weekend and killed. This is not good for my phyche when I go back into the water at the beach. I'm always thinking about this possibility in the back of my head when i'm out there body surfing or swimming. This poor guy never had a chance. Usually they'll bite you and release you because they mistake us humans for they favorite food, seals. Every time shark week comes on the Discovery channel, I usually make time to watch it because they are so facinating to me.


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