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Monday, July 12, 2004

Bush Futures state by state over at Intrade

Right now at this moment in time, Bush is ahead at Intrade Presidential Futures. Of course this is just a snapshot of today's moment in time, but it is interresting to see that after all the kerry/Edwards talk in the last week that Bush is still ahead at Intrade in all the states that he won back in 2000. If he does manage to carry all the states that he did in 2000, he would have 278 electoral votes and he would be the winner again. This makes me very happy. The polls put out by the various media are all well and good, but nothing is more accurate than the futures markets of predicting future events. The smart money is still on Bush. The open intrest is over 385,000 contracts right now, also a very good indicator and a very liquid market.


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