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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Run Coach Run !!!!!

Mike Ditka is starting to seriously consider running for US Senate from Illinois. At first everyone thought it was just a goof, but as Illinois Republicans contemplate their current standing and lack of talent to draw from, Da Coach is looking more and more appealing to the rank & file. Obviously he has to be further vetted. Sen. George Allen of Virginia,Chairman of the NRSC, is meeting with Iron Mike today to have a heart to heart about what being a US Senator is like and what Mike can expect. All systems are go right now. This is the Democrats worst nightmare come true. They were already popping champagne corks celebrating Obama's victory, but as they say in sports, you still have to play the actual game. In fact, an online unscientific poll by the Chicago Tribune today has Ditka leading by roughly 54-46%!


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