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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Kobe's day of decision

Today at high noon is the time that Kobe will announce what team he has chosen. It will be either the Clippers or the Lakers. I still gotta believe that with all the moves that the Lakers have been making, firing Phillip and trading Shaq, that this was done to accomadate Kobe Bryant's wishes. There is a part of me still though that is worried that Kobe might just want a change of scenery and go with the Clippers. I guess anything is possible today after what happened to Carlos Boozer and that entire messed up situation. Stayed tuned everyone....

************************* UPDATE ***********************************

After toying with the LA Clippers and then ripping their hearts out, Kobe has decided to re-sign with the Lakers. Come on, was there any doubt? It just makes total sense. Basically the Lakers gave in to every one of Kobe's wishes. I don't buy the argument that they got rid of Phillip and Shaq because it was the right thing to do. Kobe and Dr. Buss had a secret agreement I believe, but Mitch had to say that Kobe wasn't calling the shots, but we know otherwise.


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