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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Where Do The Republican Go From Here?

Anyone in my party who did not see what was coming this past Tuesday should get out a piece a paper and start taking some notes. The first thing that has to change is for Republicans to reacquaint themselves with the US Constitution. You know, it's that rulebook that must be followed when you're elected to office. Once again the perceived peace candidate, Obama won the election. I don't think our foreign policy will actually change, but the perception that it will really helped Obama. BTW, Bush W won in 2000 because he was the peace candidate that wanted us to have a more humble foreign policy after the all misadventures by the Clinton Administration in Bosnia & Somalia and Nixon won in 1968 because he was going to get us out of Vietnam. You get the point. We have to get back to a non-interventionist foreign policy. Our party has to start understanding that you can't just give lip service to personal liberties and a humble foreign policy. Our message became very stale. We have to start rebuilding credibility with people otherwise it's gonna be a long trip through the wilderness.


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