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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Frank Mickadeit Doubts Mike Carona's Guilt

After reading Frank Mickadeit's Register column this morning about the opening of the Carona Trial yesterday, one can only surmise that Frank has doubts about Mike Carona's guilt. He thinks that all three star government witnesses[all BTW former close Carona associates] against the former sheriff are liars and have credibility problems. Umm, what does that say about Mike Carona Frank? He's the one that chose to associate himself with all these criminals. What does that say about his judgement and character? How is it possible that all these people are liars and have already pled guilty to numerous federal charges, but Carona didn't know anything that was going on? The answer is, it is not possible. I don't know what Frank is thinking. Maybe he got slipped some kool-aid by team Carona? Memo to Frank: I really like your daily columns, but could you lay off the fantasy that Carona is going to be exonerated.


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