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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Carona Trial Is Getting Started

They are finalizing the jury pool today and the next few days. After that I expect the trial to start probably at the end of next week it looks like. I can't believe this guy hasn't cut a deal yet with the prosecution. I still feel in my gut that we won't get the benefit of a very public trial. I hope I am wrong. Carona must be made an example of. This was one of OC's most corrupt officials ever....ahhh alledgedly. One of the main reasons I ran for the OC GOP Central Committee was the endorsement that my party bestowed upon him before his last re-election in 2006. It stunk to high heaven. It was obvious this guy was on the take and a dirty cop, yet all the stops were pulled out to get him endorsed because power was what mattered the most. I've been getting a lot of "sorry Allan you guys were right about this guy" lately from people in my party. I only wish they would have stuck up for what was right when it really counted the most. Nevertheless, I'm happy that most have admitted they were wrong on this issue. There are still a few people defending this guy out of the principle of innocent until proven guilty. I can understand that, but it still doesn't excuse the known factual behavior of the Sheriff. I guess these are the ones that will need to hear a poll of the jurors after he is convicted to finally admit they were wrong.


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