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Friday, October 31, 2008

Day 3 Of The Mike Carona Trial...The "Little Sheriff" Makes An Appearance

Day three of the Carona trial ended with the defense getting denied a motion for a mistrial. The day started with accountant George Feles on the stand continuing his testimony from yesterday. He worked with Carona mistress Debra Hoffman while she still had her law practice going. He said that Hoffman told her that her small "closet sized office" was used for an occasional romp with the Sheriff. Feles told federal agents that he was afraid for his safety because of George Jaramillo. He was worried because he knew Jaramillo was unstable and could lash back at him at any time because of the information he knew and because of Jaramillo's connections in law enforcement.

Next on the stand was Lisa Jaramillo. She hopes by testifying that she can win her husband a more lenient sentence. She testified today that she knew Mike Carona was having an affair with Debra Hoffman and her sister Erika Hill. Then the prosecution began showing the famous "little sheriff" birthday cards. She said Carona would sometimes sign the birthday cards with interlocking Cs...i.e. CC which stood for "cocky Carona" according to her. The next card put up on the big screen was signed by the Sheriff, Mrs Sheriff, and the R. Scott Moxely made famous signature of the "The Little Sheriff", LOL. She testified that Don Haidl was very important for Carona's fundraising. He was known as the "money man". She saw the first 10 $1000 checks that Carona picked up from Don Haidl's house in Newport Beach. She testified that she saw Mike Carona with his arms around a crying Erika Hill outside of Debra Hoffman's law office and overheard him say that if anyone is going to jail over these illegal campaign contributions, it would be him. Then Lisa Jaramillo started crying and addressed Mrs Carona that she wished she was a better friend to Debra Carona and told her about all the things she had seen and heard about her husband the sheriff. She said she was very sorry, but she can't lie. At this point in the testimony, the defense asks for a mistrial. They said the jury has been irreparably prejudiced, but the motion is denied.

The trial will resume on Tuesday and it is expected that after the defense is finished cross examining Lisa Jaramillo, Don Haidl will start testifying as well as the playing of the now infamous audio recordings.

I was also made aware of today that there will be some bombshells upcoming in the trial and to expect some significant collateral damage to some GOP politicos.


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