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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Irvine Status Quo Election

Nothing is going to change in Irvine as far as the makeup of the new incoming City Council. There are still a few votes left to count, but I doubt it will affect the races from here on out. Sukhee Kang edged out Christina Shea for Mayor. Beth Krom, Steven Choi, and Larry Agran were all re-elected. Krom and Choi grabbed the two full four year seats and poor Larry Agran got stuck with the two year seat. Knowing Larry, this must have really pissed him off that Steven Choi finished ahead of him. He's not crying to much though. He will still have control of the Council for another two years, but he has been wounded. Hopefully the Team Irvine slate can get their act together for 2010 and finally put Larry into early retirement. The planning has to start today guys. Find some candidates, raise the money, and then get out the vote. 2010 will also most likely be a kinder environment for Republicans to run in.

I do want to publicly thank Pat Rodgers, Eric Johnson, and Margie Wakeham. You guys were again way out spent by the corrupt Agran Machine, but managed to make it close. It's not easy running for public office knowing you are going to be slimed with thousands of dollars by Larry Agran.


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